Friday, March 23, 2012

Ah, Now I Get It

People continue to get their panties in a twist by arguing that if Israel--not America--attacks Iran's nuclear facilities, then Iran will attack America "in retaliation."

Rather than calling into question the rationality of a mullah government that those anti-strike people think we can deter if they get nukes--and who knows, they say, if all their nuclear work, buried underground and dispersed to other countries, is really for the purpose of getting nuclear weapons!--these people argue that we have to stop Israel from attacking Iran.

This makes as much sense as saying that if North Korea attacks South Korea then we are fully justified in an immediate attack on China because China is a friend and ally of North Korea. And if China doesn't restrain North Korea, China deserves whatever they get from us. Who could blame us for "retaliating."

Huh. You mean that logic doesn't make as much sense when I put it that way? Fancy that.