Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thank Goodness for Smart Diplomacy!

Gosh, remember when we were told by the anti-war Left that it was wrong to remove the brutal, aggressive, WMD-seeking dictator Saddam Hussein because the milling masses of divided Iraqis needed a strong hand to control them? Remember the lofty promises of nuance that we could enjoy if only that cowboy Bush who killed Saddam was gone?

Well, children, enjoy:

A year after the rebellion against Kaddafi began, the dictatorship is gone but so is any effective government. The regional, tribal and city militias that were organized during the months of fighting have not disbanded and many refuse to recognize the authority of the NTC (National Transitional Council). ...

Civil war is brewing, and the goal will be to control the oil income. There are over 200,000 armed men in Libya, most of them belonging to a tribal or local militia. Some of these militias have set themselves up as local governments and are demanding "taxes" from businesses. So far, the NTC retains control of the oil trade. But that may not last. Success in avoiding civil war rests on the ability of the NTC leaders to negotiate unity deals with the many independent-minded factions.

Iraq didn't disintegrate despite the fissures. But surely, the Obama administration will do better than Bush on this regard. Phase IV of R2P will go like clockwork. I'm sure Libya will be just grand at the end of the day.

After all, the Obama administration's post-war plan has to be simply awesome by now, shouldn't it? I mean, we have smart guys and gals in charge, now.

Oh wait, President Obama killed Osama bin Laden:

Never mind. That means I'm not supposed to complain about Obama's foreign policy. I really need to get with the program.