Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Because There Are No Missiles in a Subliminal War?

I've mentioned the Ukrainian factory that might have been the source of North Korea's new rocket engines either via Ukrainian corruption or Russian hostility. I don't understand this status:

The wall around the Yuzhmash rocket factory in east Ukraine is in places overgrown with weeds, a sign of hard times at a plant which a new study says could be the source of engines that power North Korean missiles.

Workers at the plant have had their hours cut and wages are in arrears, but Yuzhmash denies the study's finding that unhappy employees could have been induced to steal engine technology and sell it to illicit arms dealers who passed it on to Pyongyang.

Russia took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and wages war in the Donbas right now, in that part of Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Why isn't the Yuzhmash rocket factory mass producing ballistic missiles capable of hitting Russian ships in Sevastopol harbor and every military installation the Russians have built in Crimea?

How can Ukraine be at war with Russia and leave this asset out of the fight, overgrown with weeds?