Saturday, August 05, 2017

Go West Young Han

This author writes that we should get the Chinese pointed into Central Asia to promote Russian-Chinese tension as a way of deflecting Chinese power directed at America and our allies at sea. Join the club!

The title misleadingly says that we should strengthen China against Russia. Egad! Russia is weak enough in the Far East compared to China. Helping China is insane. China hardly needs help to be stronger than Russia and every dollar we might use to help that balance along would just allow China to divert a dollar they'd spend anyway to counter America--or India, of course.

But really, the author speaks of getting China involved inland. Which will bump up against Russian interests.

Welcome to the club I founded more than 12 years ago. (And I know I've used the title repeatedly over the years.)

We don't need to arm China. We need to point them.