Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anti-Ship Missile in a Box

The Navy has a new box of whoop-ass:

Thus the U.S. Navy recently carried out a successful test of its LRASM (Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile) launched from a container mounted at an angle on the deck of a ship. This version of LRASM used the same fire control hardware and software used for the VLS (Vertical Launch System) cells built into many new warships. The deck mounted LRASM makes it possible to install this anti-ship missile on older ships as well as some new ones (like aircraft carriers) that don’t have VLS.

This would work nicely on an auxiliary cruiser to supplement the Navy in time of war.

The Army saw some value in my suggestion for the modularized auxiliary cruiser as a power projection platform.

But my original thoughts envisioned this vessel as a supplement for the Navy with an anti-ship angle.