Saturday, July 29, 2017

What End State Do We Want in Syria?

I have no clue about whether American policy is to defeat or cope with Assad in Syria.

Is this what we are seeing in Syria?

President Trump's reported suspension of a covert CIA program to fund, arm, and train Syrian rebels is seen as signaling the end of US efforts to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the battlefield.

Perhaps it is what we are seeing.

But I don't think we can trust an Assad we've done a small harm to if he survives this multi-war--and that's if Iran, who we can't trust, isn't effectively in control of Syria now.

And I don't think we can trust Russian forces based in Syria.

I don't rule out that cutting off aid to CIA-backed rebels in northern Syria is more of a reflection of Trump administration mistrust of the CIA and confidence in our military which supports other rebels in the south and rebels our military is directly supporting in the east in the fight against ISIL.

But in the end, I don't really know what this means. And it won't be clear from events on the ground until after ISIL is crushed in Syria.