Saturday, July 01, 2017

Well, Darn

Russia, with a huge land border, has decided to abandon hopes for a blue water navy:

Early indications point toward a significant downgrade in Russia's maritime ambitions as Moscow amps up its focus on continental power.

Pity, I'd rather have Russia dilute their spending on ships that just give NATO navies something to do. Russia is facing reality with this decision to focus on sea-based nuclear deterrence forces as the primary reason for a navy.

But this is lunacy:

Russia's defense priorities reflect what the government perceives as its greatest security threats. From Moscow's perspective, the No. 1 risk remains the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's encroachment on its western flank, which calls for a powerful nuclear deterrent reinforced by dependable and lethal ground and air forces.

NATO is no military threat. "Encroachment" is mere existence on their border.

I guess Russia will continue its policy of appeasing China to "secure" their Far East.