Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Unsmart Russian Diplomacy

The first deployment of an American armored brigade combat team is a learning experience:

With a large portion of the first ABCT positioned in the middle of Romania, the U.S. Army has been able to show “that we can have a heavy brigade presence here,” Walters said. “This is the first time heavy brigades have been operating in Eastern Europe … on a continuous basis.”

And while amassing a large amount of firepower in a complex scenario will be the Super Bowl for the brigade, just getting to Romania and around Eastern Europe and Germany has been an invaluable experience for units within the brigade, soldiers in the field told Defense News on Thursday.

The U.S. Army faced one of its biggest challenges in January as it relearned to rapidly deploy large units and all of its resident equipment back to Europe through seaports and by road and rail.

As I say, it is good practice.

If the Russians hadn't started acting like complete jackwads, the Army never would have bothered to relearn this stuff.

Paranoid Russians might want to consider the possibility that if America really is out to get Russia, that putting Putin in charge of Russia fits into that ambition nicely.