Monday, July 17, 2017

Signal Intelligence

The European Union undermined America over North Korea by offering their surrender diplomatic services. Let this be a warning of things to come if European means ever match Euro elite intentions.

Thanks Brussels! The EU's effort of course came to nothing. But the signal is the key:

It is also a way of signaling Europe’s biggest card if it gets truly fed up with the US: it could always tilt toward China, selling arms and tech to a country many in the U.S. believe is the greatest long term threat to America’s global position.

Not that propping up China would be good for Europe. But it would scratch the itch of sticking it to the hated and resented America that the EU elites feel in their bones.

And really, Europe couldn't care less about North Korea's nuclear plans. Euro apparatchiki would probably be happy if a North Korean nuke took out Boeing in Seattle and left Airbus free to sell planes.

That EU signal should be a strobe light that makes us realize that the European Union is not in our interest. America has friends in Europe but a politically unified Europe will not be our friend.

Take the signal seriously.