Sunday, July 16, 2017

Quantity Has a Quality All Its Own

The Air Force wants the authority to shoot down drones over our air bases:

“Imagine a world where somebody flies a couple hundred of those, and flies one down the intake of one of my F-22s with just a small weapon,” Holmes said July 11 during an event on Capitol Hill. “I need the authorities to deal with that.”

So, could we have artillery shells or air-dropped carrier shells that seed areas around an enemy air base with scores (or hundreds) of small flying drones that would cloud attack an enemy plane as it takes off, flying into engine intakes during vulnerable low-speed assent?

Or special forces could backpack them in.

This might be really useful for attacking enemies with good hardened aircraft shelters that protect planes from air attack.

The enemy might think they survived a counter-air strike that fails to destroy the aircraft but leaves a lot of drones that are activated from a sensor source when the enemy aircraft emerge and launch.

Our base defenders would have to do a better job of defending air fields well outside the perimeter if the enemy can do the same.

Tip to Instapundit.