Friday, July 28, 2017

Pray Tell, Who Do We Leave to the Tender Mercies of Our Enemies?

Arguing that America spends as much as the next X countries below us and therefore spends enough to defend our country is a simplistic measure that ignores our geographic constraints and alliance responsibilities as well as little things like using firepower to reduce our casualties and precision to reduce civilian casualties. All these things cost money. And how much can we even trust the figures our foes publish?

I welcome this addition to the debate on defense spending.

I've gone on about this issue many times over the years.

If national defense began at the 12-mile limit off our coasts, our defense spending needs would be far lower.

If it did, we'd have far few allies willing to fight with us rather than at the side of enemies.

And then our defense needs would shoot right back up, of course.