Monday, July 31, 2017

Bloody Peasants! Out of the Way!

The European Union entangles their subject states in a web of regulations that will create an ever closer union until the EU is an imperial state.

The EU dismissed the British Brexit team as amateurs, basically. Which is odd:

The British team consists of well-educated and experienced civil servants. In claiming that this team is not up to the task of understanding the complexities of EU processes and regulations, the EU has made the strongest case possible against itself. If these people can’t readily grasp the principles binding Britain to the EU, then how can mere citizens understand them? And if the principles are beyond the grasp of the public, how can the public trust the institutions?

The public can' trust the institution:

The EU has become an authoritarian regime insisting that it is the defender of liberal democracy. There are many ways to strip people and governments of their self-determination. The way the EU has chosen is to create institutions whose mode of operation is opaque and whose authority cannot be easily understood. Under those circumstances, the claim to undefined authority exercised in an opaque manner becomes de facto authoritarianism – an authoritarianism built on complexity. It is a complexity so powerful that the British negotiating team is deemed to be unable to grasp the rules.

They are singing to the choir on the authoritarian nature of the European Union. I have long been opposed to this proto-imperial order as heading toward an anti-American empire that crushes liberty.

I recently noted that the Soviets must be kicking themselves that they built an empire on tanks and secret police that the imperial subject threw off in short order rather than building an empire based on 10,000 cheese regulations.

America must oppose the EU as a political entity for our national interests. Europeans should oppose the EU for their freedom and liberty.

Britain, as the author notes, shouldn't fear European threats to trade with Britain.

Europe caves in to Iran to get trade with that small but evil state. Will Europe really stiff-arm advanced Britain with 6-1/2 times the GDP and which also provides a good chunk of European military power?

UPDATE: Doomsday didn't arrive as predicted after the Brexit vote; and Britain will do just fine after the EU given that it is in the interests of the EU to have a viable British trading partner even outside the EU.