Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Official, We Deserve to Be Led by Clinton or Trump

Have we lost our collective minds?

The UIC student whose face was shared more than a thousand times on social media and in news reports in connection with a creepy clown hoax wasn't dressed as a clown at all, he asserted Wednesday.

UIC senior Oscar Chavez was handcuffed and detained by police Tuesday afternoon after other students reported a suspicious clown on campus. The interaction with police — who approached him with guns drawn — scared him.

"I wasn't even dressed as a clown," said Chavez, 22, of East Side.

The police drew weapons on the man and ordered him to the floor!

This is apparently a nation-wide thing.

So apparently we deserve to be led by a creepily lifelike and scary Clinton or a clown Trump.

I've long complained that some of us are too worried about carbon footprints when we should be focused on car bomb footprints.

But now the panic is over big floppy footprints?

I think it is time that the president to remind us that clowns kill far fewer than bathtub slip and falls, eh?

This persecution of Clown Americans (Persons of Clowniness?) must stop. #ClownLivesMatter.