Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary Nearly Closes the Deal

Hillary Clinton has just about persuaded me to vote for Trump.

As I've said, I can't stand Trump. But Hillary Clinton is too corrupt to contemplate as our president. So I will vote against her. I've said that if the polling shows the race close in Michigan, I will vote for Trump. If not, I will vote for Johnson.

I just think that Trump is more easily contained than Hillary because the courts, Congress (regardless of who controls it), the media, and the permanent federal bureaucracy will resist Trump far more uniformly and enthusiastically than they'd resist Clinton.

And lately I've started to worry that failure to stop Hillary just means that America's Lannisters will use that victory to groom Princess Chelsea for the job one day.

But Team Hillary's actions to carry the dead weight of their corrupt and awful candidate over the finish line by demonizing people who support Trump is getting close to bad enough to get me to vote for Trump regardless of the polls just to extend a big middle finger to Clinton and her backers. (tip to Instapundit)

Yes, the effort by Clinton to virtually deport 40% of Americans who back Trump (who have good reasons to reject the leadership of both parties who have failed to respond to--or even validate--their problems) by declaring them a "basket of deplorables" unworthy of being Americans (while simultaneously trying to import a better--from the point of view of Clinton--citizenry with open borders) is outrageous. And dangerous.

It's funny. Trump lacks the ability or characteristics to convince me to vote for him.

But Hillary's campaign and the illegal and immoral acts of her supporters could do the job.

Mind you, I still can't stand Trump and won't be a fan even if I vote for him. He is a clown. And unworthy of being president. His only saving grace is that he is not Hillary Clinton and is the only candidate who is not Hillary Clinton who could possibly stop her from being carried into the Oval Office with her pen and phone. I seriously wouldn't trust Clinton to run the post office of a medium sized city.

Yet Clinton is highly likely to win this election as things stand. If Wikileaks showed that Hillary and Putin exchanged sexting messages, her supporters would say it is understandable as long as Putin supports safe (for the mother, of course) and legal late term abortions.

And people say Trump's core supporters are loyal to a fault!

Oh, I think America will endure whoever wins, although either will make (different) things worse in the short run. We've endured invasion, civil war, a Depression, a Cold War, 9/11, and disco.

Hell, Carrot Top was only a momentary stain on our society, as I hope the Kardashian sisters will prove to be rather than signs of the Apocalypse.

So these two awful politicians shall pass. I'm just worried that my children will start their adult lives and careers while the impact of either horrible candidate lingers on.

UPDATE: Democratic dirty tricks weigh heavily on my judgment that Trump couldn't possibly be worse than a corrupt Clinton presidency.