Friday, October 07, 2016

Beware the Bureaucrat on the White Horse

Am I too cynical to wonder if the European Union elites welcome the influx of young male Moslem "refugees" if it allows these Euro elites to rally Europeans around a Brussels-led effort to expel this influx by adding to the powers of the EU proto-empire?

The continued flow of MENA migrants into Europe remains the defining factor transforming the internal political dynamic in the European Union. The more than 1.5 million people who entered the EU last year, as well as those who are continuing to arrive on Europe’s shores, are straining state resources. The security of the EU’s external borders, a key subject of the recent heads-of-state meeting in Vienna, is also a serious problem. But even more significant than these are the internal political changes the migrant flows are driving: the growing polarization of the public and the hardening of anti-immigrant feelings across Europe. ...

The anti-immigrant backlash has been gathering strength across Europe, accelerating in the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

And truth be told, the immigrants are a problem for Europe. Coming in large numbers from poor regions, these migrants are too uneducated to be of use to the European economies and have enough friends around them to resist assimilation--which Europe does poorly anyway.

And then there is the problem of the immigrants being Moslem. Yes of course, most Moslems are neither proto-terrorists (perhaps 1%) nor supportive of terrorism (10-20%). But Islamist terrorism does have a basis in Islam that the extremists are trying very hard to make the default position of all Islam:

The problem is that Islam, alone among major world religions, is based on a theology that encourages aggressive, even violent, action to make new converts and equally violent measures to prevent Moslems from adopting another religion. There is also an institutionalized paranoia based on the idea that Islam is constantly under attack and good Moslems must fight this threat. Most Moslems see all these calls to violence and constant war as absurd, but a few percent of the 1.5 billion Moslems believe and many of those are motivated enough to die for the cause. Most Moslems understand that this culture of religiously justified violence is wrong and counterproductive but the Islamic scripture calling for is still considered a basic belief and there are still believers willing to die for it. Even after the current Islamic terrorists are defeated, like all the earlier efforts, there will still be believers in righteous Islamic violence. This is an issue that a growing number of Moslems are recognizing as a fundamental problem but so far no one has a solution.

Islam is in a civil war about whether or not to define Islam the way the jihadis want it defined. Most Moslems reject this, of course, but the jihadis are way more willing to kill and die to get their way.

While the vast majority of the casualties in this Moslem civil war are Moslems, by bringing so many migrants with poor prospects of integrating into Europe, the EU has imported the civil war where more Europeans will be collateral damage in this civil war.

Could the EU offer to rescue individual states who cannot address the problem on their own, by promising to suppress both the anti-migrant-fueled right and the actual migrant problem--at the price of accelerating "closer union?"

Time to haul out that old EU propaganda video that shows the EU protecting the white woman from threats of color:

Of course, Moslems are unlikely to be as cooperative as Jewish targets for elimination who lined up to be exterminated across Europe under the guidance of the last imperial order (the Nazis) that needed. I've long felt that the Europeans would get ugly and brutal if the Moslem threat became too great. But I thought this would be by individual European states acting on their own.

Heck, perhaps the Euro elites truly believe in a post-European multi-cultural society and view the migrants not as the main threat to be used to rally the continent behind them, but as a source of inexpensive "Brown Shirts" to be the EU street brawlers against the hard right that is rallying to oppose this vision of Europe's future.

I'm not suggesting that the European Union elites have brought in Moslem migrants for the purpose of using them (as either targets or allies) to rally more Europeans around a new imperial order run from Brussels. I'm sure that the motive was truly humanitarian in nature and done to prove how humanitarian the new Europe is.

But surely it will occur to some who always want "ever closer union" that coping with the problems of large Moslem migration (both the direct problems and the reaction of Europeans who are told that even discussing those problems is forbidden) could pave the way for strengthened EU control that will end the threat of future exits once and for all.

Never let a crisis go to waste, I hear--even one you created, however inadvertently.