Saturday, June 20, 2015

Questions of Data

I doubt my statistics.

I've noted that my Sitemeter statistics don't seem to pull in data on phones and social media usage. My Blogger stats are noticeably higher.

That's why I note my Blogger stats below--adjusted to account for obvious spam attempts that are counted. If I'm adjusting close to accurately. It's hard to say but I can't in good conscience just report the stats as provided.

Also, Blogger just shows totals without the fine details of who is visiting that Sitemeter provides for the limited pool of users it does show.

But after being offline for a number of hours, Sitemeter seems to have gone nuts over the last day, with some users apparently making really large numbers of page views on a single visit lasting zero minutes.

And the summary stats are even larger than the detailed stats that I add up.

I'm just not sure what to make of these statistics. I really have no confidence that I know how many people actually read this blog--or any online site if my experience is any indication.

Sorry. Inside baseball. Mostly I'm noting this for my future reference. Although I do sometimes wonder if I'm wasting my time.