Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It's a Target-Rich Environment Out There

A private military company recently added air support to its capabilities for rent:

Bell Helicopter has sold its first 407GT light attack and armed reconnaissance platform to BBM Inc to perform a variety of security missions in the Middle East and Africa, it was announced on 27 May. ...

Located out of Reno, Nevada, BBM Inc describes itself as "spearheading [a] variety of capabilities to support a wide array of mission profiles in the Middle East, Africa, and around the world."

BBM Solutions provides various security services.

We're not to the point where private military companies have standing armies of companies, battalions, or even regiments ready for rent. But I do expect that to happen. The demand for military capabilities that nation-states cannot provide as they once did is clear.

At the very least, if the international legal system proves too much of an obstacle to formed standing armies (which country takes the lead in leasing land and amending local laws to allow a company to base such units in their territory?), such private military companies might go a good part of the way to that formed unit capability by providing the command and control backbone and heavy weapons and specialist capabilities (including armed helicopters and UAVs) to plug in local infantry companies (with contractor advisors embedded) to create hybrid mercenary/local infantry battalions.

I have thoughts on this trend (for only 99 cents!).