Monday, June 15, 2015

Credit This as a Win

I will say that despite some competency worries I expressed about our reaction to the Ebola crisis, we seem to have dealt with it well.

I didn't really blog this issue since I knew too little to judge whether our efforts were futile, counter-productive, or irrelevant. But it all seems to have worked out.

So count that a foreign policy success for the Obama administration.

UPDATE: I may have been hasty. Futile or irrelevant may be back in play:

“While the virus is spreading more slowly than at the peak last year and Liberia has defeated the outbreak,” according to one news source, “cases have risen sharply in the past two weeks in Guinea and Sierra Leone.” There are also concerns that the region may not be much better prepared to stem an outbreak than it was last year.

Apparently, the war on Ebola was not responsibly ended.

And if Kerry has a hand in it, ponder the counter-productive angle, too.