Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Shut Up, They Explained

Who do the North Koreans think they are? American liberal college students?

Our ambassador to the UN condemned North Korean delegates for interrupting the testimony of defectors about that regime's horrific human rights record:

"It must be chilling for those of you have been subjected to the terror of the regime to be confronted with bullying and disruption and the kind of behavior that we saw today," Power said. "Such statements are totally self-discrediting."

Of course, so far our young proto-reeducation camp guards on college campuses lack the power to inspire more than mockery.

Still, the delegates may have felt the need to demonstrate to their bosses back in Pyongyang in no uncertain terms that they harbored no bad thoughts:

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has canceled his high profile trip to Moscow due to internal domestic pressures. The Moscow Victory Day parade would have been the leader's first foreign visit after he took over from his father in 2011. But analysts feel that the North Korean leader would be extremely vulnerable and may be ousted when he is not at home.

If Kim Jong-un believes his regime is teetering on the edge of certain collapse, would he roll the dice for even a near-suicidal course of action whose only virtue is that it is only nearly suicidal?

Let;s hope Op Plan 5029 is updated regularly.

I assume this change is part of it.