Sunday, May 31, 2015

Practice Run

Cuba has promised not to support terrorism. And we are pretending to believe them. This should be good practice for an Iran nuclear deal.

It's reset with Cuba!

State Department officials said they conducted a thorough review to back their recommendation to remove Cuba from the list and received assurances from the Cuban government they wouldn't support terrorist activity in the future. Officials cited Cuban President Raúl Castro’s condemnation of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris earlier this year as an example of the government’s stance against terror operations.

Ah, Cuba pretends not to being a sponsor of terrorism; and we pretend to believe them!

Look, I don't consider being on our terror sponsor list as a proxy for being our enemies list. You can be an enemy that doesn't support terrorism.

But getting off the list sure is looking like a proxy for the good guys list in this case.

But more to the point, this is a good practice run for concluding a nuclear deal with Iran. I've long said the outline of a deal is clear: Iran pretends not to want nuclear weapons; and we pretend to believe them.

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