Friday, May 15, 2015

How You Build a Reputation

The State Department that won't question whether Hillary Clinton broke the memorandum of understanding (MOU) rules she agreed to on donations to the Clinton Foundation (and what about her emails?) is to be trusted to enforce a nuclear deal with Iran when in case they cheat?

Okay, so let me get this right: There was an MOU insisted upon by the State Department (and White House) to ensure that, during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, there was full transparency of any foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, to protect against the possibility that foreign donors to the Foundation might be giving their money in exchange for favorable treatment by Secretary of State Clinton. And that MOU was violated repeatedly. Now, the Obama Administration is refusing to even investigate whether Clinton’s violation of the MOU may have actually caused the sort of bribery problems the MOU was designed to prevent?

Or are you going to argue that mullahs on a nuclear mission from God aren't as tough and scary as Hillary Clinton?

Remember how the Soviets arguably learned to respect President Reagan's resolve when he acted decisively on the domestic issue of the air traffic controllers?

Yeah, this is the opposite.

Oh wait, we're probably gaining experience from the Syria WMD deal that can be applied to Iran, right?

Wait. What?

International inspectors have found traces of sarin and VX nerve agent at a military research site in Syria that had not been declared to the global chemical weapons watchdog, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

Samples taken by experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition and Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in December and January tested positive for chemical precursors needed to make the toxic agents, the sources told Reuters on the condition of anonymity because the information is confidential.

"This is a pretty strong indication they have been lying about what they did with sarin," one diplomatic source said. "They have so far been unable to give a satisfactory explanation about this finding."

Ah, our partners the Iranian-controlled Assad regime!

With the Obama administration, there are no red lines for anyone or anywhere. People are catching on.