Sunday, May 03, 2015

Blue Model Cult

Baltimore residents (and whatever carpetbaggers flowed in as attention has waned in other racial flashpoints) rioted. The trigger (but not the underlying cause) was the death of a man in police custody that may be the result of negligent and perhaps criminal behavior by the police involved (but let's wait for the full investigation, eh?). But the solution is more cowbell?

Baltimore has mostly Democratic residents in a mostly Democratic state that until recently had a national Congress run by Democrats and which is still under a Democratic president who in theory should be very sympathetic to those residents and who has a pen and a phone to wield.

With the full spectrum of Democratic theory and practice in place for decades, why isn't Baltimore a paradise on Earth already?

Are the few Republican "wreckers" in Baltimore so diabolically clever that they've thwarted enlightened policy so effectively all these decades?

Yet the solution should be a soul-searching conversation that results in more policies favored by and run by Democrats all along?

Yeah, this approach (tip to Instapundit) will work swell.

Unless you can find a clue in those souls that are searched, I think such a national "conversation" on Baltimore will be fairly predictable--more cowbell.