Sunday, March 08, 2015

Every Support Short of Help

Secretary Kerry is explaining the developing deal with Iran over their nuclear ambitions:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris to brief European officials on the status of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Europe's help is important because if Iran cheated, we couldn't act without their resolute support when confronted with a foe.

Wait. What?

EU foreign ministers showed little appetite on Saturday for stepping up pressure on Russia over Ukraine, preferring to give a fragile ceasefire a chance before deciding whether to apply more sanctions or even to extend existing ones.

Russia violated international law and agreements to seize Crimea from Ukraine and invade eastern Ukraine's Donbas region; Russia directly intervened in the fighting between Ukraine's forces and Putin's hand puppet astro-turf rebels to prevent Ukraine's forces from defeating those secessionists; Russia violated a ceasefire to capture the Donetsk airport; and Russia violated another ceasefire before the ink was even dry to take Debaltseve from Ukrainian forces.

But because at this moment Russia isn't shooting at anyone, the Europeans want to give peace a chance.

Yeah, we can totally count on the Europeans to back a resolute response to any Iranian cheating.

As with so many problems, too many in the West are eager for our enemies to get to stage 4.