Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just Marking Time

I did not watch the president's speech last night. I mentioned I would not. After 5 years of failure, what difference, at this point, does another speech make?

The state of the union speech is worthless. I would salute the first president with the guts to simply submit the SOTU written to Congress.

But with this president, who rails against his own failures to solve the problems that he once said we was uniquely capable of solving (it's all about the competence, his fans said), just has nothing to say.

Listening to the bits of the speech this morning, I can't help but notice the tone of voice that President Obama often gets that just signals coming BS. The tone seems to insist that listeners believe him even though the president himself knows what he says is not true.

But there's more. Now it seems like there is some disbelief in the president's tone. As if he is saying, "Look, I'm not doing anything different. Why aren't you reacting the same way? Why aren't you getting thrills up you legs? Why aren't you applauding like you worry this is your last chance and you don't want to miss the opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty and love? Why aren't people fainting in the aisles anymore??!!"

So now I just wait for three years, hoping that our country is large and resilient enough to endure the damage our enemies abroad and our ruling class at home will inflict trying to, respectively, defeat or help us.

And remember, even President Carter had his eyes opened after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and he actually began the Reagan defense build up. I can only dream of President Obama being as good as President Carter, at this point.

Thus begins the era of resignation and same. The state of the Obama is not sound.