Sunday, January 26, 2014

How War 'Accidentally' Breaks Out

Via Instapundit, check out this Chinese view shared by a Chinese professional with his dinner colleagues at a Davos dinner of the global elites that should redline your pucker factor:

The Chinese professional acknowledged that if China asserted control over the disputed islands by attacking Japan, America would have to stand with Japan. And he acknowledged that China did not want to provoke America.

But then he said that many in China believe that China can accomplish its goals — smacking down Japan, demonstrating its military superiority in the region, and establishing full control over the symbolic islands — with a surgical invasion.

In other words, by sending troops onto the islands and planting the flag.

The Chinese professional suggested that this limited strike could be effected without provoking a broader conflict. The strike would have great symbolic value, demonstrating to China, Japan, and the rest of the world who was boss. But it would not be so egregious a move that it would force America and Japan to respond militarily and thus lead to a major war.

The Davos dinner guests were stunned, it seems. There is no word about whether Thomas Friedman considered this Chinese attitude reasonably enlightened, or not.

But I can say that the version of rational objectives that the Chinese professional held (and others in China he knows) is apparently way different than the version held by the majority of Western Davos types sipping wine and enjoying--until that moment--their very fine dinner.

Why yes, I did discuss that this morning, now that you mention it.