Monday, November 25, 2013

All Your Monies Are Belong to Us

Who's this 'We' stuff that Representative Rangel is peddling?

This attitude is the problem (tip to Weekly Standard) and not something that means we don't have a federal government spending problem:

America is not broke. Our country is making great strides toward energy independence and to position itself as the world’s largest oil producer. For the first time since early 1995, U.S. oil production exceeded imports, and it will surpass Saudi Arabia’s output by 2020.

It's not just the wrong notion that we can tax energy companies enough to sustain our spending habit. No, that's just the normal everyday attitude of a spending class toward anyone that succeeds.

They didn't drill that, you see. Or frack it. Or wrestle it from whatever inhospitable patch of ground or sea, risking their money if they fail. So really, our government can take whatever it needs for the better purposes that our spending class can identify.

The real problem is that in an age when we are facing massive budget deficits with no path to a balanced budget in sight, a Congressman can conflate our economy with our federal budget. That is, "America" is not broke. And if America isn't broke, America--let alone only acceptable scapegoats like the oil industry--can "contribute" (under force of law, of course) more money to maintain whatever level of federal spending that the spending class wants.

As long as America isn't broke, the federal government shouldn't be considered broke. That's really what they think, and it is actually a relief to see one of the spending class admit it so clearly.

I swear, in their perfect world they'd take all our money, and in their infinite wisdom and generosity, grant us an allowance.