Saturday, March 03, 2012

Belarus is a Road, Not a Nation

Belarus continues to live as a faint shadow of the former Soviet Union.

But Russia has gained control of Belarus' pipeline from Russia to Western Europe and has finally gotten Belarus to sign an agreement for a joint air defense system. With Russian support, the Belarus regime can accelerate the destruction of the glimmers of human rights, which further alienates the West and makes Russia the only game in town for regime suvival.

The Rolling Anschluss continues.

Russia's intent to prop up Belarus economically is clear. Russia already speaks of economic integration being linked with political integration.

And on top of the air defense agreement, Russia has spoken of putting offensive missiles in Belarus. The Russians have also exercised with Belarus' military to practice the invasion of Poland.

Oh, and then there is that agreement that essentially allows Russia to legally take over Belarus formally.

Then again, when Russia has all this, maybe formally taking over Belarus isn't that big a deal. Remember, Belarus had a UN seat as if it was truly independent even when it was part of the Soviet Union.