Monday, December 05, 2011

It's the State Department's Job, Now

Our military is leaving Iraq. But our military is trying to maintain its role as much as it can to back our Iraqi allies (and interests):

As U.S. forces leave Iraq, they are moving most of their equipment and assets out of the country, but they will hand off some of it to the Department of State to support the diplomatic and security cooperation missions.

The 402nd Army Field Support Brigade will provide maintenance support for all Army equipment transitioned to the Department of State and the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq.

The 402nd AFSB will have personnel at all State Department sites in Iraq, and will establish maintenance hubs in three: Basrah, Kirkuk and Taji. There will be about 180 contracted personnel and a handful of Department of the Army civilians who will remain in the country after the military departs.

So we'll be privatizing some of our military tasks. Logistics and maintenance are addressed with this program. There will be many more.

Mercenaries are still useful for doing jobs that the State Department can't do and which the military is not allowed to do.