Friday, August 26, 2011

Greener Than Thou

In a world with greater demand for oil than supply, Canada will sell their tar sands oil to someone.

Our choice is whether we are the ones to import it or whether it gets shipped in a different pipeline and then across the sea to China while we ship our imports from across the sea where it was pumped in some heck hole of a Third World producer.

Guess what Greens want?

Build the stupid pipeline and reap the jobs and advantage of buying "polite" oil and not "blood" oil produced abroad with no regard for the environment.

Really, wouldn't Greens prefer our money go to funding Canada's government-run health system than to tyrants' luxuries, bully boys, and weapons?

This is all about the Greens feeling better about themselves and accomplishing zilch for their stated motives. Or they just want to kill our economy and make us live simpler (and poorer) lives. Either reason for their opposition to the pipeline from Canada would explain their position.

UPDATE: Yes, we'd be crazy not to approve the pipeline. Who wouldn't want more secure source of oil for us and closer U.S.-Canadian ties? Well, environmentalists don't. Which is bizarre since even on their own terms the oil will flow. If it doesn't flow south to America it will flow west to China. If it goes that way, it will take more energy to move the oil farther. That's bad, isn't it?

The environmentalists are living in a fantasy world where their "caring" counts for more than reality. Why their mental health issues should impact the rest of us is beyond me.

UPDATE: Troglopundit emailed that these loons are claiming that global warming will cause increases in mental illness. Lawsuits to follow, he says!

I think the ship has sailed on that mental illness stuff. Long before the oceans rise and the land bursts into flame.

If I pound my head into a wall hard enough, will the pain of reading about these loons go away?