Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stretching China

I count this as good news:

The PLA is currently mechanizing much of its army and is developing at least two powerful armor mechanized corps modeled after the 1980s Soviet Operational Maneuver Groups which are designed for breakthroughs and deep exploitation roles in an offensive operation. The force is too heavy for amphibious landings or operations in China’s tropical areas; thus Martin Andrew surmises that the corps is designed to ensure Chinese energy security. He believes that this force, though it would use Xinjiang as its springboard, would aim to overrun the defenses of any Central Asian state to secure relevant oilfields.

Why? Because I don't like it that the Russians have pointed China at us by selling the Chinese naval and air assets.

I think we need to get China pointed inland toward the interior of Asia, including Russia. This will divide Chinese military power and force them to make efforts to become both a naval and air power in the Pacific and a land and air power on Asia. With luck, they'll be unable to be good at either and stretch themselves too thin, confronting too many potential foes in the process, as the kaiser's Germany did.

The opportunity to spark anger at their rising power isn't to be dismissed, either.

China is rising. But so are others. And I don't assume China will pass us in raw power in my lifetime, if ever. But even if China does becomes more powerful than we are, unless we abandon these other nations not disposed to knuckling under to Chinese power, Peking's rise does not mean we are doomed.