Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battle Over Time

Right now, the military balance in the Taiwan Strait is a race over time as China seeks to make sure their military can overrun Taiwan before we can intervene in force. China does this by trying to speed up their military and slowing down America, as well as weakening Taiwan's resolve and ability to fight.

Our Congress actually contributed to winning this battle by indicating that Congress would not slow down our reaction to a Chinese attack:

The U.S. Congress Tuesday pledged "unwavering commitment" to ensuring Taiwan's security, defying protests from China that claims the island.

Congress reaffirmed its stance 30 years after the U.S. broke off relations with Taiwan, which recently has been reconciling with China but still counts on U.S. guarantees of protection.

The House of Representatives in a voice vote approved a resolution that pledged an "unwavering commitment" to the Taiwan Relations Act and called it a " cornerstone" of U.S. policy.

The 1979 law requires the U.S. to maintain the capability to defend Taiwan and to provide the island "arms of a defensive character."

Representative Shelley Berkley, the chief sponsor of the 30th anniversary bill, said the resolution sent an important signal as Taiwan "enters a new era of cross-Strait relations."

"Taiwan is an inspiring story of expanding freedom, a robust capitalist economy and a strong trading partner of the United States," Berkley, a member of President Barack Obama's Democratic Party, said on the House floor.

"We must do everything in our power to continue protecting it and ensuring its survival," she said.

Sometimes Congress can pleasantly surprise you.