Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After two years of United Nations peacekeeping in southern Lebanon, Hizbollah is tanned, rested, and ready to fire:

Israel believes that, despite the presence of UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon, Hizbollah has smuggled thousands of short range (6-20 kilometers) rockets into the area and hidden them in anticipation of another attack on Israel. If that happens, Hizbollah expects the peacekeepers to stand aside, as they did in 2006, once Hizbollah gunmen show up. The peacekeepers did not crack down on Hizbollah smuggling the rockets south and burying them or hiding them in basements. Hizbollah terrorized the peacekeepers with a few deadly attacks on them. The UN protested, Hizbollah quietly let it be known that more peacekeepers would die unless Hizbollah smuggling of weapons south was ignored by the peacekeepers.

Are you shocked? Why? It was obvious from the start when the UN "beefed up" their congingent in southern Lebanon after the Hezbollah War that this would be the result:

You scoff at the idea that the international community will stop Hizbollah? You simpleton!

The international community must be angry with Hizbollah. I mean, the UN didn't authorize Hizbollah to attack Israel. So there was no international test, right? Hizbollah launched an illegal war, right?

Given the history and capabilities of the UN, I suggest the new UN force in Lebanon be called UNIFAIL. Or possibly UNIFUTILE.

So Hizbollah stands ready to fight and kill civilians under the noses of the UN. Funny how passing that "international test" doesn't seem to get us much.