Friday, June 20, 2008

They Forgot Cynicism

Global warming is responsible for everything from hurricanes to polar bear extinction. For all I know, it is the reason I seem to be attracted to women who are emotionally, ah, challenged. But perhaps I've revealed too much.

Anyway, I know that with all the things that have been blamed on global warming, you are tempted to ask whether there is anything that global warming can't accomplish?

Well, this site compiles all the things that have been blamed on global warming. (Tip to NRO)

The compilers of the lists forgot one thing that global warming has created: cynicism.

When I see scientists and global warmers advocating socialist economic and governing policies--this time in the name of saving the planet--I develop an attitude that would look with suspicion on a scientific claim that beer and pretzels are good for my heart and cholesterol levels.

The scientists and near-scientists and drooling idiots promoting global warming are just another liberal advocacy group, and I see no reason to give them special deference just because "it's science, damn it!"

Curse you, global warming! My trust is just another casualty.

So what is Courteney Love doing these days?