Monday, June 23, 2008

Can I Get a Second Opinion?

Once again, the Global Left is charging America with war crimes:

Despite claims uncritically repeated in some media outlets, medical examinations of 11 former detainees of U.S. military prison facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba advanced by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) do not provide open-and-shut examples of prisoner abuse. Instead PHR offers up one-sided accounts based largely upon allegations made by former detainees to an organization with a predefined political agenda and financed in part by Bush Administration opponent and convicted felon George Soros and his group, the Open Society Institute.

And once again, the Left labored mightily to come up with nothing.

You'd think that if America was routinely committing war crimes it would not be so difficult to find an open and shut case against America.

But no, the Left keeps finding frauds and nut cases to make their case.