Saturday, March 29, 2008

Olympic Warm Up

I'm looking forward to the Olympics this summer as a total disaster for Chinese public relations. They've written the script and have been envisioning how this will play for a decade. Their show is about the rise of China and all its glory.

But lots of Westerners who will be in China aren't using the script. And Western audiences aren't expecting the tale of Chinese glory. But they will see people upset with China. And they'll be told why all these people are upset. And they'll see Chinese officials completely unable to sound like anything but nonresponsive communist spokesman just sticking to the script written a decade ago, approved five years ago at the highest levels, and completely obsolete and just a little sickening.

To do our part in this lovely party, I think it would be hilarious to march our athletes through the opening ceremonies in warm up suits that look like Tibetan monk robes. Shaved heads optional.

China wants a coming out party to highlight their rise in power. The world may actually see just what is coming out.