Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ronald Krebs displays the same sense of Leftist diversity that holds Blacks are only authentic if they are angry and loud, and that women are only real women if they are radical leftist feminists, when he writes this:

Next week, Iraq Veterans Against the War will hold "Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan"—a four-day extravaganza designed to draw attention to the failures of U.S. foreign policy, the dehumanizing effects of counterinsurgency, and the inadequate provision of veterans' benefits. Yet the event, meant to recall the famous hearings of 1971 at the height of the Vietnam War, highlights how little Iraq war veterans have featured in the national political debate over the war.

What a crock. What Krebs means to say is how little effect Iraq War veterans who oppose the war have had on the debate. The vast majority of Iraq War veterans who are proud of our war have contributed to the lame numbers of war opponents who want us to lose the war by running away now.

But perhaps you aren't an authentic veteran unless you've personally confessed to non-existent war crimes in Iraq--regardless of whether you've been there.

But if you want to see veterans of Iraq having an impact on the war debate, you might want to check out these guys. But Krebs won't count them because they want to win the Iraq War.