Monday, July 24, 2006

A Vacuuming Success Story--No, Really

I have a really tall stairwell ceiling. Indeed, I've mentioned my light fixture that has lasted, Ishallah, for over five years now since I bought the place. Changing a light bulb once one burns out will be a challenge. My former sister-in-law informs me she has a long claw arm that I can borrow, but I wonder if it will reach.

But I had another stairwell problem, too. Cobwebs. Way up high and in the corners. Even higher than the bulbs. And while I usually don't even look up as I use the stairs, whenever I've looked up I've noticed them getting a bit more, ah, visible. Dust, you know. Doesn't look good at all.

So last week I decided to tackle it the way any man should--by building a device out of handy household supplies to enable me to vacuum the corners.

So I took my portable vacuum. I attached every attachment I had, knowing that this was still too short to reach the ceiling. The next step was increasing my reach even more. Ideally without standing on a chair precariously balanced between death and cleanliness. With a broom and duct tape, I set about to finish my device. I taped the broom to the hose just below the near attachment. Time to build: 2 minutes.

Holding the vacuum in one hand since the new device could not be left on the floor, I extended the broom with the other. The device rigidity was not high so it swayed as I pushed the vacuum nozzle higher and higher. Slowly tilting the nozzle left and right, up and down, I managed to get all the corners. Man, it looks clean.

Of course, I just wrote about a vacuuming success. Man, I really need to date more often.