Saturday, July 22, 2006

Are We Cooperating?

Ethiopia has moved 400 troops into Baidoa, the "capital" of the offical government that controls only Baidoa and that only because Ethiopian troops are defending it. And 200 Ethiopian troops have moved into another town with an airport.

It may seem amazing that a battalion can do so much but the Islamists aren't numerous--just more fierce than the typical militia that runs when confronted with serious warriors.

My question is why Ethiopia moved in. Are our special forces with them to call in air power?

Is this the beginning of a counter-attack to destroy the Islamic government?

I don't imagine Ethiopia could supply much more than this force in the short run.

Something is up. But what?

UPDATE: Strategypage discusses the recent happenings in Somalia. The Islamic Courts Movement is starting to run into tougher opposition.