Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Tool of the Dreaded Neo Cons

A Code Pink activist chastised the Iraqi prime minister as he spoke to Congress for not listening to the people of Iraq:

Al-Maliki was interrupted briefly by a shouting demonstrator wearing a pink T-shirt that read, "Troops Home Now." The young woman was lifted from her seat by officers and carried out of the House visitor's gallery, while al-Maliki paused and grimaced in irritation.

"Iraqis want the troops to leave, bring them home now," the woman shouted repeatedly. "Listen to the Iraqis."

Good grief. Even the Sunnis want us to stay to protect them from revenge attacks! The arrogance of a pale, Latte-sipping, hirsute, trust fund English major (hey, I'm assuming. I saw no picture) telling the freely chosen prime minister of Iraq to listen to "Iraqis" is stunning to me. If she's listening to Iraqis who tell her that America should leave, she's talking to jihadis and Sadr's goons. And they are a minority of Iraqis.

Of course, if the Code Pink lass had shouted "listen to the jihadis" it wouldn't seem so high minded. Still doesn't to me. But you never can tell about those CP types.

UPDATE: Oh good grief, it was Medea Benjamin. She is the whackjob Stalinist who I first heard about in the lead up to the Iraq War. Truly, she is on the other side. I was dead on in figuring the woman must have talked to the enemy to get her views on what "the Iraqis" think. Alothough actually, I'm sure she knows how the enemy thinks without having to leave her home.

And thank you oh so much Representative Major Owens for giving her the ticket to the event.