Thursday, October 20, 2005

Honor the Picket Line

A while ago, I wondered why we should even care if jihadi detainees in Gitmo are on a hunger strike:

I know this gives me away as a knuckle-dragger, but why on earth should I care if those gentlemen in Guantanamo Bay die? I mean, it is their choice. Heck, they want to die while killing us, as they never tire of droning on about. So just having them die without taking any innocents with them is real progress in my opinion.

Well now we find that making those poor lost souls take in nourishment is tantamount to torture:

The repeated removal and insertion of the tubes has caused striking prisoners to vomit blood and to experience intense pain that they have equated with torture, the lawyers reported to a federal judge after visiting their clients at the U.S. base in eastern Cuba.

Damned if we do and damned if we don't, I guess.

Well I say we don't want to be accused of anything like torture, now would we? So let's honor their picket line and end the forced feedings.

Let the scum die. I just don't care, and I don't care what their lawyers say. I mean, outside of Gitmo we are actively trying to kill them (the jihadis, that is).

As long as the International Red Cross will document that we put water and culturally appropriate food in their cells each day, why on Earth should we care whether they choose to die?