Sunday, April 07, 2019

A Milestone in Iran's Propaganda War

Congress voted to hand Iran a victory in Yemen:

Rejecting a plank of President Donald Trump's foreign policy, the House on Thursday invoked never-before-used powers to demand that his administration withdraw support from the Saudi-led war in Yemen . The Senate passed the same resolution in March with bipartisan support.

Trump is expected to issue a veto of the measure , his second as president, and Congress does not have the votes to override him. But the action was nonetheless a milestone for lawmakers, who have shown a renewed willingness to assert their war-making powers after letting them atrophy for decades under presidents from both parties.

Which is good for Iran given that they are slowly losing and only getting the West to fall for their propaganda charges can save them there at this point.

But hey, the whole Khashoggi martyr campaign went well for Iran by getting Congress to turn against the Saudis. Why not extend that to Yemen, too?

UPDATE: I should note an old post on war powers. It's complicated. And a bonus in that I discovered an older post of mine that clarified an issue I was long puzzled about. Amazingly that discovery of mine exited my brain since I found it and posted about it.