Tuesday, May 02, 2017

How About an Outreach to Global Orbiting?

How can this be a problem for our space agency?

The state of NASA’s space suit supply looks bleak in a new report from the space agency’s auditor. NASA is still “years away” from having a new space suit ready for future deep-space missions, the report claims, even though the agency has invested close to $200 million on space suit development since 2007.

Meanwhile, NASA seems to be running out of the space suits it does have for the astronauts on the ISS. Only a fraction of the original space suit supply for the station is fully functional right now, and NASA may risk not having enough space suits to last through the end of the ISS program, currently scheduled for 2024. [emphasis added]

Why would NASA--America's space agency--have bought space suits when it was busy working on global warming and an outreach to the Moslem world that clearly don't need the ability to survive in a vacuum?

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