Saturday, May 20, 2017

Executive Summary: Just Shoot Them!

Make Russian invaders without unit insignia patches Little Green Dead Men and they'll be no problem at all.

Good grief:

The Pentagon is studying gray zone conflict — otherwise known as hybrid warfare — beginning with a focus on Russia and later moving on to study Iran and China, the acting assistant defense secretary for special operations and low-intensity conflict, told members of Congress.

What is to study? Russia got away with this tactic because Ukraine was in chaos with their military in no shape to respond and uncertain as to who was the lawful authority. Stop trying to make that very specific situation some grand theory that will run circles around us!

But you already know I think we are over-thinking this hybrid stuff.

It was obvious to me early on and far from the Crimea that Russia had invaded Ukraine.

It doesn't matter if an enemy denies invading as long as we don't go along with the fiction.

Just shoot the invaders.

Hell, enemy denial is a bonus! What will they do when we shoot the little green men? Complain we are killing their troops? Which they deny are there?

Talk about analysis paralysis.