Sunday, August 02, 2015

Time to Update an Old Post

Russia invaded Georgia during the 2008 summer Olympics in China and Russia invaded Ukraine just after the 2014 winter Olympics in Russia. China got the 2022 winter Olympics. So who gets invaded in 2022 and by whom?

Check your ammo. That's my reaction to the news that China won the right to hold the 2022 winter Olympics.

I think it is time to update this post since China might be getting antsy to take their turn.

Perhaps I'm just wrong on the timing, eh?

UPDATE: China is certainly clear on their views:

China's top policy maker on Taiwan warned the self-ruled island on Thursday it would soon have to choose between continuing the peaceful development of ties, or returning to the "evil ways" of independence, which would threaten the peace.

It would "threaten the peace" because China would invade Taiwan, to be clear.