Friday, August 14, 2015

Making an Ass Out of You and Me

You have to admit, if you assume Iran is defanged, our missile defenses in Europe aren't needed. That's what Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov says:

"We don't see any reason to continue with the program, let alone at such an accelerated pace."

I think the deal makes it easier for Iran to get nuclear missiles, so we do need the defenses. But the Russian logic is sound if you start with the right assumption, I suppose.

Of course, you have to assume that the Russians--who repeatedly declare in their paranoid state of mind that we are out to destroy them--worked so hard to get this Iran nuclear deal passed because they really, really don't want a nutball anti-American ("Death to America!") country to get nuclear weapons.

Because the Russians are sensitive that way. One might assume.

While it is possible that the Obama administration will leap at the opportunity to agree with Russia, Russia's best bet is probably to hope for a Clinton presidency.

After all, if Russia's intelligence service has all of Hillary Clinton's "home brew server" emails from her time as Secretary of State, there is likely to be a lot of blackmail material that a sitting American president would like kept hidden. Well, kept hidden from the American people, anyway.

Of course, you could assume that Clinton went rogue on emails for legitimate reasons. Her explanations might make sense to you. I'm not sure what you'd have to assume for that to happen, but it's a funny world. Because Hillary!

And you can assume that she was at least as careful with her email security as the federal government (okay, that might poosibly be true).

You can even assume that Clinton is truly heartbroken that she had the server wiped clean because all those tens of thousands of deleted emails about Chelsea's wedding and yoga classes would prove her innocence. Darn the luck! Why do bad things always happen to Clintons?

But somebody actually knows if these assumptions are true. Unfortunately, we aren't among those who know for sure. Hillary Clinton knows. Many of her closest aides know.

And the Russians likely know. So they might have some requests for "flexibility" about missile defenses or Ukraine or Russia's claims in the Arctic if she wins the presidency.

Or the Chinese could know. So they might suggest that selling arms to Taiwan isn't the best idea. Or that the entire "pivot" to Asia is completely unnecessary, all things considered. Because, you know, nice little presidency you got there. It would be shame if something awful happened to it.

The Iranians might get some material if either Russia or China has that information. So we might ignore "minor" or "technical" violations of the Iran deal. Or agree to a new head of the IAEA who is more sympathetic to Iran's position on this whole nuclear issue.

I think I have an idea of just who is Ready for Hillary. Would you really assume otherwise?