Saturday, August 08, 2015

The New Axis of Evil

The Obama administration negotiating team for the Iran nuclear deal:

We know Secretary of State Kerry heard no evil and saw no evil across the table from him.

And we know his department is perfectly capable of speaking no evil even when their employees see or hear it:

In the weeks leading up to a critical annual U.S. report on human trafficking that publicly shames the world’s worst offenders, human rights experts at the State Department concluded that trafficking conditions hadn’t improved in Malaysia and Cuba. And in China, they found, things had grown worse.

The State Department’s senior political staff saw it differently — and they prevailed.

So talk of snapping back sanctions or even military action if Iran breaks the deal is probably moot.

Our government will never say anything about Iranian violations to avoid giving all those warmongers reason to complain.

Let's see how this dispute is resolve, eh?

A prominent U.S. think-tank on Friday questioned Tehran's explanation for activity at its Parchin military site visible in satellite imagery, saying the movement of vehicles did not appear related to road work.

"We said that the activities in Parchin are related to road construction," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted on Saturday as saying by the IRNA state news agency.

"They (opponents of the deal) have spread these lies before. Their goal is to damage the agreement," he added.

The IAEA isn't scheduled to check out this site until mid-October. Let's see if Iran honors the spirit of the agreement and builds trust by suspending whatever they are doing (even if innocent) and lets the IAEA go there right now.

UPDATE: Of course, when the IAEA does finally visit Parchin, what can they tell us? This does not fill me with confidence:

The head of the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency said Wednesday that he cannot give Congress a copy of the organization's nuclear inspection document with Iran despite harsh criticism from Republican senators.

Remember, the administration firmly denies that these side deals are secret--we just can't see them.

UPDATE: This seems relevant in a Stooge-like way:

[You] probably haven’t heard much about Annex III, Section D, which carries the benign-sounding heading of “Nuclear Safety, Safeguards and Security,” and elaborates in item 8 on how America and its partners will tutor Iran in “nuclear safety culture and best practices.” Why, what could be wrong with that?

We have to help Iran protect their nuclear infrastructure. Which will include visits to the nuclear power plants of other nations to learn "best practices" for security.

Ponder that. We'll help Iran protect their nuclear plants from the kind of intrusions that have hurt their efforts.

But we'll also share with Iran physical security practices.

But don't worry, I'm sure those Iranian security experts we teach won't be debriefed by Revolutionary Guard terrorists who will use that knowledge to plan attacks on Western nuclear power plants.

Why would our new partners do anything like that?

Are we dumb enough to let the Iranians learn from our nuclear plants? I say let the Europeans take on that job.