Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aspiring to Statistics

It is often attributed to Stalin that "a single death is a tragedy while a million deaths are just a statistic." Putin certainly aspires to statistical levels of abuse.

Remember the Estonian officer that the Russians captured by crossing into Estonia?

Yeah, the Russians convicted him of espionage:

An Estonian police officer, allegedly abducted by Russia in a cross-border raid, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday, further stoking tensions between Moscow and the former Soviet republic.

Russia arrested Eston Kohver on espionage charges in September last year, saying the Estonian was caught on Russian territory, but Tallin maintains he was taken at gunpoint at a border crossing.

That will teach him to be kidnapped and taken into Russia.

Kohver is essentially being held hostage. And the Russians dare us to do anything about it.

Because even in little things, they are so close to being bastards as to being statistically indistinguishable from actual bastards.

And as far as the Estonians and their Latvian and Lithuanian (and other ex-Soviet states, including Ukraine most prominently) brethren are concerned, the Russians want the power to do that to the entire lot of them.