Friday, July 17, 2015


Yeah, where did that sentiment come from?

The main prayer service in the Iranian capital has been interrupted by repeated chants of "Death to America" — despite this week's landmark nuclear deal with world powers that was welcomed by authorities in Tehran.


Yeah, it's like if in May 1943 we'd seen this story:

The 1943 Memorial Day parade in the American capital has been interrupted by repeated chants of "Death to Nazism" — despite this month's landmark Axis surrender in Tunisia to Allied armies that was welcomed by authorities in allied capitals.

When you achieve a victory over an enemy, you don't stop thinking of them as your enemy.

No, you seek more victories over them.

Which is why the Saudis have no delusions about Iranian motivations "despite" the landmark deal:

The nuclear deal that will lift tough sanctions on Iran is mobilizing Saudi Arabia to turn the tide against its regional rival in Yemen and Syria before it makes an economic recovery, military officials and analysts say.

According to the sources, the military component of the Saudi offensive will include the use of special forces on the ground in Yemen, and a potentially widened use of Saudi and allied Sunni air power in Syria.

Peace for our time!

UPDATE: Strategypage has thoughts on the victory Iran achieved.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pseudo-Polymath for the link.