Sunday, July 05, 2015

Uncle Assad Wants You to Die for Your Autocrat

While we may not be about to see a post-Assad Syria, we may be about to see a post-Syria Assad.

Better recruiting posters aren't going to cut it, for Assad:

With the Syrian army's ranks depleted by casualties and rampant draft-dodging, a new campaign in the war-torn country is urging citizens to enlist.

In recent weeks, billboards have sprung up across Damascus reading "Join the army," "We are all the army," and "With our army, we'll win our country."

Assad can't continue to fight to control Syria. He's already lost large chunks and he can't stand the attrition to hold what he has now.

If Assad's backers aren't down for the count for this mission, they're close.

Or is this recruiting drive, coupled with threats to use chemical weapons, the prequel to Assad retreating to his corner of Syria?