Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A "Failure of Leadership," Indeed

We need to protect our homeland from jihadi terror attacks, figure out how Iran cheats on a nuclear deal, stop China from stealing our secrets and determine where they and Russia might threaten peace and stability next, get some type of handle on North Korea's internal workings, and have a shot at intercepting a "black swan" threat that comes out of nowhere. But that's not the real problem with our CIA.

No, those real world problems, according to CIA director John Brennan, are trivial compared to the real problems of Bizarro World CIA--lack of upper-level diversity (tip to Instapundit):

The report is unsparing. Senior positions at the “highest levels of the CIA” are “consistently occupied by white male career officers.” While minority officers make up 23.9% of the CIA workforce, the higher echelons of the CIA don’t come close to that number. For example, the Senior Intelligence Service, the crème de la crème of the spy agency’s personnel, manages only a 10.8% minority composition. Spies with disabilities and LGBT spies, according to the report, are no better represented in the CIA’s upper leadership, though women are generally faring well.

Yes, we desperately need wheelchair-bound management spies with a license to kill park close to the entrance.

Perhaps if Brennan is more interested in employee diversity, he should be in charge of the Office of Personnel Management.

Oh wait, that might be a bad idea, too.

When we get hit again, this odd focus might be relevant to figuring out why we didn't see it coming.